Halligan (Hooligan) Bar

Crowbar's Angrier, More Destructive Brother


Each occupation has a tool they can’t live without. For a golfer, it’s his clubs. For a cop, it’s his gun. But unless you’re using a nine iron to smash in the window of an Escalade in Florida, or using a 9mm to accidentally shoot yourself in the leg in a New York nightclub, these tools don’t serve much of a purpose outside their designated confines. There’s a little known tool in the arsenal of firefighters that goes beyond just the fire scene and can easily be incorporated into any garage or tool shed. The Halligan Bar ($240, also referred to as the Hooligan Bar, is a staple in the fire service and can best be described as the product of a long drunken night between a crowbar, pick axe, and sledgehammer. One end of the tool contains a fork shaped claw, while the other is made up of a wedge and a pick. On a fire scene, the tool is used for everything from breaking down doors to putting holes in walls. At home it acts as an ideal substitute to three stand alone tools vital to any good tool collection.

Buy Now: $240

By Jeff Mirabello

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