Rock Lock

Protect Ya Neck


We don’t imagine many of you earn your scratch as guitar playing street busker — but if you do that’s totally cool and please send us a demo. We also doubt you’re reading this while aboard your tour bus driving to your next 100,000+ seating stadium venue (again though if you are a global rock star and read GP don’t hesitate to holler). Even for those who don’t handle an axe all day everyday however, the Rock Lock ($50) can still be a smart investment. No CSI: Guitar Theft won’t ever have endless syndication potential, but it never hurts to protect your prized possessions right? To use it, simply loop the metal cable attachment around any fixed structure or heavy piece of equipment. Next load the “lock” into the “rock” handle and push to close the lock firmly around the neck your guitar. Anyone who has used a bike lock should get the drift. Currently available for pre-order, for $50 its a small price to pay for piece of mind.

Pre-order Now: $50

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