Fiskars 7854 Super Splitting Axe

Firewood's Dark Nightmare


While it’s not as elegant as a Best Made Axe, in true Gear Patrol colors, Fiskars does deliver wood-splitting Armageddon with their 7854 Super Splitting Axe ($40). With its 28-Inch Handle and 4-1/4-Pound Head, it’s powerful enough to break up some serious logs to stoke your blazing winter fires in the hearth, the stove or the backyard inferno. The nonstick coated, forged carbon steel blade and nearly destruction proof 28-inch Nyglass (fiberglass reinforced composite) handle also make it the perfect zombie termination tool. The lifetime warranty means that you can pass this down to your kids when they ask if you’re going to leave them anything. Just make sure you don’t turn your back after they find out that’s all they’re gonna get.

Buy Now: $40


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