KASTOmaxcut Bandsaw

When large just isn't enough


The KASTOmaxcut Bandsaw could very well be the king of cutting. It’s got a blade as thick as a man’s arm and the wheels that make even the baddest mudders look puny. In terms of oomph, it uses a 29 horsepower motor to power one-of-two blade options that can be hydraulically positioned for vertical or horizontal cutting. Oh, and speaking of cuts, the range includes versions that can handle widths between 41″ and 81″ inches — that’s nearly 2 yards! So, if you’re planning on dealing with felled Sequoias anytime soon, this is your tool of choice. Otherwise, it’s also perfect for this pesky ingot molds, forged shafts, or random sheets of titanium you have lying around. Prices for this bad boy aren’t officially listed, not that you have a spare warehouse sitting around. Check out a few additional shots of this Goliath after the break.

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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