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Aesop's New EDC for Staying Sanitized and 7 More Home and Design Releases

Take care of your hands when you're on the go.

the adventurer roll up, year of the ox chili oil gift set,
the marigny deep cuts

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: Levi's at Target, Lodge cast-iron cookware for grilling and more.

Junzi Kitchen x The Met: Year of the Ox Chili Oil Gift Set

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, chef Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen worked with The Met on a hot chili oil gift set to celebrate the Year of the Ox. The three-pack will contain one of Junzi Kitchen's original chili oils plus two made specifically for The Met collaboration: Silk Road and Red Lantern. Silk Road contains is meant to evoke flavor profiles from east to west, with ingredients such as Tianjin chilis, Indian turmeric, Wild Mountain Afghanistan cumin and Egyptian fennel. Red Lantern uses lantern chilis, providing bright heat, and mouth-tingling Sichuan peppercorn oil, savory confit shallots, umami-packed fermented black beans and mushroom powder to mimic MSG.

The collaboration between the restaurant and the museum is to celebrate The Met's exhibition, Celebrating the Year of the Ox. The gift set and jars of chili oil are adorned with artwork from the collection, and half of the proceeds from sales will go towards The Met.

Price: $48 for three


Teeling Whiskey x La Colombe Irish Coffee Kit

Time's a social construct, so might as well celebrate St. Patrick's Day now. Teeling Whiskey wanted to make it easy as possible to enjoy an Irish coffee at home, so the Irish whiskey brand tapped third-wave coffee pioneer La Colombe on a $40 Irish coffee kit. The kit comes with a full-sized bottle of Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey as well as two cans of La Colombe Vanilla Draft Lattes, two Collins glasses, two metal straws and a shaker of ground nutmeg.

Price: $40


Aesop x RÆBURN The Adventurer Roll Up

Your EDC probably includes hand sanitizer these days, and Aesop made it easier to bring hand sanitizer (and a hand balm to combat dry hands) on the road with you. The skincare brand partnered with designer Christopher Raeburn on the Adventurer Roll Up, which includes Aesop's Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash, the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm and the Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Mist, a new release. It's all wrapped in a pouch made from pre-consumer recycled cotton. A limited run of 300 roll ups will be housed in a pouch made from reclaimed 1960s aeronautical navigation maps, so each pouch is unique, while the general run will have a navy blue pouch.

Price: $65


Lodge Cast-Iron Grilling

We all know cast iron is great for grilling, and now Lodge is making its own dedicated cast-iron grilling line. So far the lineup include the Kickoff Grill ($100), a dual-handle grill basket ($35), a rectangular grill topper ($30), a smoker skillet ($25) and burger press ($20). Like all of Lodge's cast-iron cookware, the grilling line is sure to last generations.

Price: $20+


Old Pal x Summerland Fruit Fantasy

Old Pal, a lifestyle brand for tokers, and Summerland, a maker of hand-made smoking tools partnered to make a very cool pipe. Any seasoned pot smoker (of which I am not) will be familiar with apple pipes, essentially an actual apple being used as a pipe. The Fruit Fantasy turns the apple into a ceramic piece, so you don't have to waste apples anymore.

Price: $95


Our Place Tahdig Trio

Our Place just added a new accessory for its Always Pan, and it's one that celebrates a special holiday in Iranian culture. Nowruz, which starts on March 21, marks the start of the spring equinox. One food that is inherently tied to the occasion is tahdig, or "scorched rice," for the thin crunchy bottom the rice gets from the way it's cooked. Our Place founder Shiza Shahid, who is Pakistani, and husband Amir Tehrani, who is Iranian, wanted to celebrate tahdig by releasing the Tahdig Trio. It includes the Noosh-e-Joon platter, a ceramic dish that fits atop the Always Pan, and helps to achieve the 180° flip required to get perfectly shaped and browned tahdig; a damkoni, which is a cotton cloth that slips over the pan's lid to soak up moisture; and saffron, the main ingredient in tahdig and most Nowruz dishes.

      Price: $65

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      Levi's for Target

      Oddly enough, a Levi's collaboration with Target does not include a line of super-cheap jeans. Instead we're getting a bunch of home goods, all inspired by blue denim. The 100-plus collection features too many items to list out, but it does encapsulate items for every part of your home. There's furniture, kitchenware, bedding, dining essentials and even goods for your pup. Everything is available online and in store, and prices start as low as $3.

      Price: $3+

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      Eater Wine Club x Mysa The Marigny Deep Cuts 2019

      If you're still trying to get into wine, joining a wine club will quickly get you up to speed. One of the best online wine clubs is Eater's. The food publication works with a chef each month, who curates a box of wine around a certain theme, and the wines are from Mysa, an online wine store that specializes in natural wine. Oregon-based winery The Marigny made Deep Cuts 2019 specifically for Eater Wine Club, and you can get the bottle on its own. The slightly effervescent juice is a blend of sauvignon blanc, Auxerrois, pinot gris and chardonnay grapes, that is as chuggable as it is photogenic.

      Price: $30

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