A Bento Box for Weed and 7 More Home and Design Releases

Quit hiding your stash in an empty cookie jar.

cubbi weed bento box, oishii strawberries, and russet coffee table

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: the perfect strawberry, the easiest coffee table you'll ever assemble and more.

The Bed by Thuma

thuma bed

Presented by Thuma

If you're looking for a modern, timeless, and easy-to-assemble bed, look no further than The Bed by Thuma. Crafted with quality, eco-friendly materials, this platform bed was built to last a lifetime, and with Thuma's lifetime warranty, it's guaranteed that it will. The Bed's minimal and streamlined aesthetic easily matches your existing furniture, making it perfect for your current home and your next. It's shipped to your door in three boxes, designed to fit up stairways and through hallways, and can be assembled in roughly five minutes — with no tools or teams needed. It's a luxury platform bed that's not only affordable, but premium and a snap to assemble. What more could you want?

Price: $695



Stylish weed accessories are absolutely happening— just ask Seth Rogen. Cubbi is just the latest in a line of weed-adjacent products that want to make pot smoking feel less grungy and more grown up. Dubbing itself the "bento box of weed," Cubbi offers tokers a way to stash their stash discretely and stylishly. It also makes sure you never misplace your grinder, rolling papers, lighters and whatever else you need to light up. A built-in air-tight container keeps your weed fresh while preventing odors from seeping out of Cubbi. The lid doubles as a rolling tray, and all it seems to be missing as an ashtray. Cubbi is available for pre-order now and fittingly, it ships out on April 20.

Price: $59



The perfect strawberry exists, and it comes out of a vertical farm in New Jersey. Hiroki Koga is the founder of Oishii, and he just so happens to be an expert in vertical farming. That means he can precisely control Mother Nature indoors to grow the perfect strawberry every time. His variety of strawberry happens to be the Omakase Berry, with origins in Japan. The Omakase Berry is sweet in a way that so many strawberry-flavored foods try to replicate. And the aroma of the fruit is almost perfume-like, filling a room with an intoxicating scent. Michelin-starred restaurants, like Atomix and Olmsted, feature the Omakase Berry in its menus, and if you live in Manhattan or parts of Brooklyn, you can get a taste of perfection.

Price: $15+


Hopewell Brewing Big Buddy

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The beer world is seeing an aluminum can shortage, and one of our favorite beers is going away because of it. Hopewell Brewing, one of the few women-led breweries around, used to make a beer called Lil Buddy, an 8-ounce lager that goes with almost anything. Because of the can shortage, Hopewell couldn't get anymore of its "lil" cans, so as a last hurrah to the beer, those in the Chicago area can grab a Big Buddy, a 16-ounce version of our little friend. Grab one while you can, because once it's gone, the beer is gone for good.


Tank Garage Winery 2019 Self-Love Red Wine

We could all use a little self love. Or maybe a lot. A global pandemic, social isolation and over anxiety can really have an effect on one's mental health, and Tank Garage Winery's latest release is trying to help. The California winery's Self-Love red wine blend of mostly syrah with cinsaut, grenache and valdiguié. A dollar form each bottle of Self-Love will go towards the National Alliance of Mental Illness & Health. Comfort yourself with a little wine, and help raise awareness around mental illness, too.

Price: $40


Russet "The Champ" Coffee Table

Even if you don't have a single tool, you can put together this coffee table. After releasing the Sidekick side table last year, Russet is back in 2021 with the Champ. The coffee table comes together like those wood dinosaur puzzles of your childhood, except this coffee table is actually useful. It has two tiers for extra space for your clutter (or more coffee table books), and it comes to light-, medium- and black-stained wood. This might just be a renter's perfect coffee table.

Price: $165



Ruby is already a television star. The hibiscus water made its debut as a cameo in the HBO show "Euphoria," and now Ruby is available for purchase. The antioxidant-packed drink is available in sweetened and unsweetened varieties, and it tastes somewhere in between cranberry juice and black tea. Hibiscus is subtly naturally sweet, with an overwhelming tartness that can help curb sugar cravings. The flower has a host of health benefits from potentially lowering blood pressure to boosting liver health. While you can drink Ruby on its own, it makes a surprisingly good cocktail mixer (agave-based spirits pair well).

Price: $4/each


Hedley and Bennett x Jesse Tyler Ferguson Food Between Friends Bundle

"Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a big foodie. So much so that he recently dropped a new cookbook, written with food writer Julie Tanous, "Food Between Friends." To celebrate the release of the new book, Ferguson and leading apron brand Hedley and Bennett collaborated on a limited-edition collection of aprons and potholders. A portion of the profits from sales of the collection will go towards Ferguson's organization Tie the Knot, which advocates for LGBTQ civil rights and marriage equality around the world.

Price: $145


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