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Ikea Made a Gorgeous Air Purifier, and It Only Costs $55

For $55, you can either buy Ikea's new air purifier...or six bags of frozen Swedish meatballs.

air purifier

Ikea: home of cheap furniture, cheap home decor...and as of now, cheap air purifiers. How cheap? Less than the cost of a Poang armchair.

At $55, Ikea's new Fornuftig air purifier is one of the cheapest on the market. It's even cheaper than our best budget air purifier, the Partu BS-03 Air Purifier. But that doesn't mean it's bad; the units are outfitted with a HEPA 12 filter, which blocks 99.95 percent of particles 2.5 microns or larger, as well as a carbon filter, which sucks up toxic chemicals and foul odors. Even the replacement filters are a bargain, at $10 for a carbon filter and $5 for a HEPA filter.

air purifier
Ikea’s new Fornuftig air purifier is made with small-home living in mind.

The new Fornuftig line of air purifiers are built for small-home living. The compact devices — it's just 12 inches by 18 inches with a 4.0-inch depth — are unsurprisingly good-looking, very much in line with Scandinavian minimalist design. Rather than looking like a medical device, the Fornuftig looks more like a speaker, and borrows the same fabric design as the Symfonsik line of speakers Ikea made with Sonos. Available in black and white, it's unobtrusive — both design-wise and literally. You can even hang the Fornuftig from the wall, since it's so light.

air purifier
Because it’s so light, the Fornuftig can be hung on the wall so it’s really out of the way.

But what matters with an air purifier is its effectiveness. To gauge this, look to its clean-air delivery (CADR) rating, which measures the volume of clean air produced per minute. The Fornuftig clocks in at 130 cubic meters per hour. That's not a particularly high rating, so don't expect this to thoroughly clean your whole home — it's better suited to small rooms.

Operating the air purifier works by toggling between three fan speeds, though the unit lacks an auto mode — which is unsurprising, considering the price. If you live in a relatively low-polluted environment, that shouldn't be a problem.

Ikea's new air purifiers are available on its website and in stores now.

Price: $55


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