The Forrest Tool Company MAX Is the Perfect Do-It-All Outdoor Tool

With eight interchangeable tool-heads, you can be sure that The MAX® will have the right tool for the job when you need it most.

forrest tool company the max tool kit
Forrest Tool Company

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Forrest Tool Company The MAX® Multipurpose Tool

Having a versatile, rugged and well-made multi-purpose tool on hand is a must for any outdoorsman. Whether it's making quick work of a tree in your path, uprooting a large stone while doing trail work or simply splitting firewood, the importance of a quality tool cannot be overstated. Forrest Tool Company's The MAX® tool is just such an item. It's perfect for throwing in a pack, in the back of your side-by-side or fixing to the roof of your overlander so that the right tool is always on hand. To find out more about what makes The MAX® indispensable, read on below.

forrest tool company the max tool kit
Forrest Tool Company

Rugged, High-Quality Construction

The MAX® is completely sourced and manufactured in the USA, and while that doesn't necessarily guarantee high-quality construction, its ANSI Industry Standard and Government Workmanship Standard approvals do. The tool has been proven in both military and tactical applications, so you can be sure it will stand up to what you throw at it.

Versatile and Ready for Anything

For The MAX®, versatility is the name of the game. It features eight commonly used tool-heads that are interchangeable, so you always have the right tool on hand. Plus, it all stows into a lightweight carry case, making it a no-brainer to pack on your next adventure.

Perfect for Outdoor Adventurers

Whether you're a mountain biker, overlander, hunter, fisherman, climber or general outdoorsman, The MAX® is a great tool to have with you. You can guarantee you'll have the right tool for the job should things go sideways — as they say, it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Price: $250


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