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You Need a Tool Box, and This Is the Only One to Add to Cart

Trust the brand that literally invented the metal tool box.

Henry Phillips
Kennedy Manufacturing 20″ All-Purpose Hand Carry Tool Box, $178

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In the case of Kennedy Manufacturing, being first is not the worst. The brand literally invented the first metal tool box, and to this day, it's still the only tool box you should buy. If you have more than just a screwdriver, you'll want a Kennedy. For over a century, the brand has been the go-to brand for metal tool boxes from aerospace engineers to home DIY-ers turn. And if Bob the Builder or Tim "The Toolman" Taylor were real, they'd definitely have a Kennedy Manufacturing tool box, too. Here's why.

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You don't want to put all your tools in some dinky little tool carrier — you need something beefy and durable, especially when you have a limited lifetime warranty (more on that later). Everything Kennedy makes is made with industrial-grade materials, including this tool box, which is crafted with heavy 20-gauge steel. Overkill for at-home DIY projects? Yes, but that's why even career machinists turn only to Kennedy for its well-built products.

Henry Phillips

Your tools are protected

The tool box is obviously the home for your gear. Besides being a portable way to transport all of your tools, Kennedy's tool boxes are lined with vinyl to offer cushiony support, a small but noteworthy detail for those who pore over everything they add to their tool collection. The plated locking hardware also ensures all of your stuff won't slip out by accident.

Guaranteed for life

If you're the original purchaser of a Kennedy tool box (which means the warranty doesn't apply to the one you got from your pops), you're entitled to the brand's limited lifetime warranty. That means you can rest assured that your purchase is defect-free, and will remain that way given "normal" working conditions. The warranty only applies to parts — not the labor that would go into replacing those parts — but we're fairly certain you'll rarely need to worry about your Kennedy tool box.

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