Keep Your Knives Ready for Action with This Sharpener Kit

The Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener from Work Sharp delivers a simplified selection of grits to get the job done.

sharpening knife using work sharp tool
Work Sharp

If you've been taking your knife sharpening skills to the next level with Work Sharp's Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener, the brand's latest release, the Upgrade Kit, is worth checking out. Since the release of the original Precision Adjust, Work Sharp has been working to create something to supplement it and bring even more value to its customers. The result? The Precision Adjust Upgrade Kit. The kit includes seven different abrasives ranging from extra coarse 220 grit all the way to a leather strop for honing your blades. If that sounds right up your alley but you have yet to purchase a Precision Adjust, check out the Precision Adjust Elite, which includes the base model Precision Adjust, the seven abrasives included in the Upgrade Kit and an added carrying case. Whether you're using your knives for DIY projects around the house or cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, this kit will keep your tools in tip-top shape.

Price: $80


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