No two people work alike — our vocation and habits make sure of that. What most of us can relate to, though, is the need to curate our home or office workstations the way we want. And we’re all dipping our hands into the same pool of devices — computer, mouse, keyboard and speakers — and hoping the right mix will allow us to become our most productive, efficient and creative self. So what to choose?

At Gear Patrol, we gravitate towards an Apple workstation. Its Mac line is secure and dependable — and damn pretty as well — plus all Apple computers seamlessly integrate with the iPhone most of us already own. Still, walk around our offices and you’ll notice that no two setups are identical. Some have desktops. Others have laptops, with no — or multiple — external monitors. There are standing desks, too, along with every kind of over-ear cans you can imagine.

Since everybody works differently, there really isn’t a perfect desktop setup — so we’ve created four for four different people. There are the minimalist and high-end setups, depending on how much you want to spend or how clutter-free you want your workspace. And there are desk-tied setups and ones that have no problem being packed up and going mobile. All are rooted in a Mac. And all have a little flair. A good desktop setup can be used for work and play, remember.

The Apple Laptop, Basic Setup

Despite proclamations to the contrary, the smartphone hasn’t antiquated the computer. Not even close. A laptop still provides more processing power, memory and versatility than any smartphone could ever hope to. Don’t underestimate the bigger screen and an actual keyboard, either. This basic setup is for the person who can’t always be confined to a desk. Even if there aren’t too many frills, everything works seamlessly with each other. Plus, this specific power bank can juice the MacBook Pro for a few extra hours.

The Apple Laptop, Power User

This setup combines the best of both worlds. It’s rooted around a 16-inch MacBook Pro, so it can be taken mobile if need be, but it’s really optimized to run like a high-end desktop. There’s a separate wireless mouse and keyboard, so you don’t have to be right up near the screen. Speaking of which, the huge curved display is an Excel user’s dream. (It’s also pretty awesome for gaming.)

The Apple Desktop, Basic Setup

Even in this age of portability, there’s still a place for a traditional desktop. It’s more upgradable than a laptop and you generally get more for less, in terms of better processor, better graphics chipset, bigger screen and more storage. And, of course, its fixed location naturally helps you separate work from everything else. This setup is designed to gel effortlessly together, while still maintaining a clean, clutter-free desk.

The Apple Desktop, Power User

The ultimate desktop setup doesn’t include a desktop — let that sink in. Instead, we’ve combined the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro with two 4K monitors (connected via Plugable's powerful dock, which can also connect one 5K display), powerful desktop speakers and several other accessories that’ll maximize productivity. Just step back and revel in its glory. No desk mat needed.