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All the Coolest Home and Design Releases We Found in September 2021

All the drops you missed last month in one place.

tech roundup

As the year starts to wind down, brands are giving it their all to get new products out into the market before year's end. A couple big releases include iRobot's new Roomba model, a robot vacuum designed to navigate around your pet's poop (no, seriously), and Parachute's foray into the furniture category with some new bed frames. An odd release this month came from the deli to end all delis, Katz's in New York City, which turned an April Fool's Joke into a September release: gin-flavored pickles. Check our all of the best home and design releases of September here, and get ready for another month of cool new drops.

Mavix M4 Gaming Chair

mavix m4 gaming chair

Gaming chair brand Mavix (is there really a difference between gaming chairs and office chairs?) announced the release of its new entry-level series, the M4. The chair retains much of what Mavix's gaming chairs are known for at a more wallet friendly $444. The M4 is fitted with cooling, comfortable mesh, adjustable head and neck support and locking casters. The Mavix chair is a masterclass in ergonomics, a must for those long-running gaming sessions. It comes in four colors, with the option for a built-in massager ($130) and footrest ($44). The chairs start shipping out on October 30.

Price: $444


Woodford Reserve x Williams Sonoma Cocktail Mixers

williams sonoma woodford reserve cocktail mixers
Williams Sonoma

If you're a whiskey fan, you should know how to make at least three classic whiskey cocktails: an Old Fashioned, a Mint Julep and a Whiskey Sour. Or you can just buy Williams Sonoma's new cocktail mixers made in collaboration with Woodford Reserve. While it's not particularly difficult to make these drinks on your own, the mixers make it convenient to get a tasty cocktail with minimal effort — and it's even better if you don't have all of the separate ingredients on hand. The collaboration between the retailer and bourbon brand extends beyond the cocktail bar and into the virtual classroom with a series of online cocktail classes held between September 15 and September 29.

Price: $19


Yew Yew Sunset Bong

yew yew sunset bong
Yew Yew

Yew Yew, a "modern smoking accessory brand," thinks Lana Del Rey could do better than smoke from a tacky weed leaf-adorned bong. A better alternative? The brand's new Sunset Bong, a bong that hits as good as it looks. Made of borosilicate glass, the Sunset Bong isn't something you'd be ashamed of keeping out in the open, and yes, it's way better than smoking from some gaudy bong that's best reserved for un-cool college kids. Sadly it's sold out now, but the brand says to expect a restock in a month.


Roomba j7+

roomba j7 vacuum

Robot vacuums are getting smarter and smarter. And the latest Roomba from iRobot, the j7+, might be the smartest so far — especially if you're an animal owner. The j7+ uses PrecisionVision Navigation to avoid obstacles in its way, especially animal feces, a problem that other robot vacuums have had in the past. Over time, the robo vac will learn what parts of your home need more cleaning and what floor obstacles to avoid. With the latest software update, the iRobot Genius 3.0, the j7+ comes equipped with new features such as Clean While I'm Away, which uses your phone's location services to determine when you've left your home so it can start cleaning; Quiet Drive, which makes the vacuum as quiet as possible when you need some cleaning but also some quiet time; and Cleaning Time Estimates, to give you a ballpark estimate of how long a cleaning session will take.

Price: $850


Great Jones The Whole Grain Family & Spoon Rest

great jones the whole grain family
Great Jones

Great Jones' latest release is a trio of wooden cooking utensils, dubbed "The Whole Grain Family," comprising a ladle, spatula and slotted spoon. To accompany the new utensils, Great Jones worked with one of our favorite pottery brands, East Fork, on a limited-edition spoon rest so you can keep all your messes off the counter. The spoons are made in India, and because of the lasting effects of COVID-19 in the country, Great Jones is donating 20 percent of proceeds from first month of sales of the utensils set to help with local relief efforts.

Price: $100


Bushwick Kitchen x Angry Orchards Hot Sauce

bushwick kitchen hot sauce
Bushwick Kitchen

Sauce company Bushwick Kitchen — you may know it from their Bees Knees Spicy Honey — and hard cider juggernaut Angry Orchards paired up for some hot sauces inspired by the latter's lineup of ciders. The hot sauces include: Weak Knees Peach Mango Habañero, which includes Scotch bonnet peppers, coriander, cumin and ginger; Weak Knees Strawberry Jalapeño, which combines habaneros, jalapeños and gochujang; and Weak Knees Crisp Apple Jalapeño, which finds serrano peppers and jalapeño peppers paired with apple butter.

Price: $14


Everlane The Chore Apron

everlane the chore apron

Everlane in a roundup of home gear? That's right since the retailer released an apron, inspired by its Chore Pants and Chore Jacket. (It seems that throwing "Chore" into a product name for Everlane means something has lots of pockets.) The apron is made of 8.6-ounce cotton twill, decked out with a chest pocket, two front pockets and a loop for a towel or rag.

Price: $50


Paravel Grand Packing Cube

paravel grand packing cube

Travel brand Paravel just released its popular packing cube in a much larger size, designed to fit in the brand's Aviator Grand suitcase. According to the brand, the Grand Packing Cube has enough space to fit up to 10 shirts, four pairs of pants, a pair of shoes and six pairs of underwear. Packing cubes are an excellent way to stay neat and tidy when you're going on trips, plus they help you save space by compressing your belongings into a neat little cube. Available in five colorways with the option to add a monogram, the Grand Packing Cube could be your ultimate traveling hack.

Price: $65


Public Goods Candles

Public Goods

Affordable clean home goods brand Public Goods released its own line of candles — and they're totally free from plastic. Available in three scents, lavender and vanilla, cedar and suede and black current, the candles are paraben free, cruelty free and vegan. After the wax is all used up, reuse the glass jar for basically anything.

Price: $6+


Parachute Bed Frames

parachute bed frames

Parachute is a brand that knows — and excels at – bed sheets, so it actually makes sense that its newest product category is the humble bed frame. The new collection comprises three upholstered bed frames — the Canyon, the Dune and the Horizon — available in seven fabric options. The frames are inspired by southern California, the brand's hometown. For example, Canyon draws inspiration from the curves of Laurel Canyon, while Dune is elicits memories of the Mojave. Get this bed frame when it's time to upgrade the janky old one you've just been putting up with.

Price: $1,800+


Alldae Cascara Tea


If you've never had it, cascara is tea made from the skin of the fruit of the coffee plant. When processing these fruits to get the seed (what we call the coffee bean), the skins are removed and typically discarded. Cascara gives them delicious purpose. Alldae is a new company making cascara out of Gesha coffee from Panama. If you're hunting a mid-afternoon pick-me-up that isn't as jarring as a cup of coffee, Alldae's canned cascaras are an excellent option. I like the pineapple flavor best.

Price: $24 (six-pack)


Brightland The Couplet

brightland the couplet

Honey is one of the most-faked foods out there, often diluted with syrups or worse, the syrups are modified to look like honey. Brightland started out in 2018 making olive oil, another often-faked food, and now it's making honey. The brand's new honeys will include California Orange Blossom Honey and Kauai Wildflower Honey, with the honeys being sourced by women-led teams at multigenerational beekeeping families. The raw, unfiltered honeys will not only be incredibly delicious, but they'll help combat the issue knockoffs in the industry.

Price: $42


Bokksu Kitchenware

bokksu kitchenware

Snack box brand Bokksu has a new section in its marketplace that's only tangentially related to snacks — kitchenware. Filled with made-in-Japan goods, Bokksu's Kitchenware section is filled with useful kitchen items whether it's a Japanese kitchen knife or ramen-themed chopsticks rests.


Partners Coffee Rockaway Cold Brew

partners coffee rockaway cold brew
Partners Coffee

As if cold brew couldn't get any simpler, Brooklyn-based coffee roasters Partners Coffee made its cold-brew blend of coffee beans into tea bag-like satchels for easier cold brewing. Each package of Rockaway Cold Brew contains four pouches of pre-ground coffee, so all you have to do is steep it in 24 ounces of water for a day to get delicious cafe-quality cold brew.

Price: $16


Finex 14" Double-Handle Skillet


Popular cast-iron skillet brand Finex released its largest skillet to date with the 14-inch double-handled skillet. The dual speed-cool coil handles make it easier to quickly transport your extra-large meals from the the stove (or oven, campfire or grill) to the table. The skillet retains everything that Finex fans love about the brand like its octagonal shape and super-smooth cooking surface.

Price: $270 without lid; $370 with lid


Amass Afterdream

amass afterdream

Amass just released its newest beverage product, and it marks the brand's first entry in the cannabis department. Afterdream is a non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused spirit that combines 14 California botanicals — like sumac and lemon peel — with cannabis-derived terpenes to create a beverage good enough to drink on its own or in a booze-free cocktail. Afterdream contains 3.5 milligrams of THC, 3.5 milligrams CBD and 3.5 milligrams Delta-8 per serving, and contains zero added sugar and zero calories. Afterdream will be sold at Sweet Flower, which has four SoCal locations and an online store.

Price: $70


Truff White Hotter Sauce

truff white hotter sauce

Truffle condiment brand Truff knows you want something hotter than its OG White Truffle Hot Sauce. That's why there's the new White Hotter Sauce that takes the original's composition — real white truffles, agave nectar and a blend of chilis — and makes it even spicier for a more powerful punch in the tastebuds.

Price: $35


Pineapple Collaborative The Salt

pineapple collaborative the salt
Lindsey Swedick

Pineapple Collaborative is expanding its pantry staples — a cult-favorite olive oil and equally popular apple cider vinegar — with the release of its salt, appropriately named The Salt. The Salt is ethically produced and sourced in Peru by a mostly women-operated co-op. It's a medium grind, mild pink sea salt that's better for finishing than dumping in to season pasta water. While it's good to eat, the ceramic container comes in also looks really good on the kitchen counter.

Price: $24


Sabai The Essential Chair

sabai the essential chair

Direct-to-consumer sofa brand Sabai has a new chair for sale, and it's because the brand knew its fans were looking for the brand to branch out from sofas. According to the brand, the chair is inspired by Hawkins New York's Alva Chair and Ligne-Roset's Paipai chair, but it wanted to create something at a more approachable price point. The Essential Chair features sloped arms and plush pillows with ample sitting space. Customers can customize their chair in either recycled velvet or up-cycled polyester.

Price: $645


Houseplant Pebble Match Strike

houseplant pebble match strike

Seth Rogen and Houseplant really can't lose. At first glance, the Pebble Match Strike looks like some random home decor, when it actuality it's a match strike, a match holder and an ashtray. Crafted from cast iron, the Pebble Match Strike will patina with use so that every strike you take— whether it's to light a candle or spark up — will be unique to you.

Price: $125


Katz's Deli Hendrick's Pickles

hendrick’s gin and katz’s delicatessen gin inspired pickles
Hendrick's Gin

This is a joke. Sort of. On April Fool's Day, Hendrick's made a joke about gin-soaked pickles. Now it's a reality because Hendrick's and Katz's Deli, a New York City food landmark, made Hendrick's-infused pickles. While at first glance the pairing seems odd, Hendrick's gin is actually made with cucumbers, among other botanicals and flavorings. The cucumbers aren't actually infused with gin, but they do get brined for 72 hours in a solution that contains the botanicals that Hendrick's uses in its gin. Eat them on their own, pair with a pastrami sandwich or mix yourself a cocktail — gin and pickles are an oddly satisfying combination.

Price: $15


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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