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This IKEA Dinnerware Collection Is Basically Made for Netflix Binges

There’s no shame in the couch dinner.


IKEA’s annual PS capsule collection serves as a platform for up-and-coming designers to create housewares that, while slightly irreverent, are rooted in practicality and purpose. As part of this year’s series, multidisciplinary designer Maja Ganszyniec created a plate ($3) and bowl ($2) geared toward contemporary urban lifestyles — specifically, eating while lounging on a couch, and balancing dinner in one hand while scrolling on a computer with the other.

The base of the dinnerware is designed for a comfortable one-handed grip, with higher sides to prevent spills and keep cutlery from falling. The stackable forms offer maximum space efficiency, and durable tempered glass lends a more luxe, bone china-inspired look.

Buy Now: $2+

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