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CRKT Graham Stubby Folding Razel

Don't call it husky

Without skipping a cut, the Graham Stubby Folding Razel ($50) qualifies as one of the more unique pocket knives we’ve used. Based off the larger non-folding Razel, which was created as a utility knife of sorts featuring both a chisel point and a razor styled blade. This blade combination lends itself to a multitude of cutting, scraping and even prying applications. Utilizing a frame-lock locking-mechanism the Stubby sports 2″ and 0.923″ cutting edges. The ram horn scales make for a decidedly gentlemanly look that’s less likely to draw unwarranted stares versus other tactical folders. After an extensive daily carry we’ve found the Stubby Folding Razel to be a versatile knife, up for almost any job. The short handle size did require some acclimation, but the small size also makes it comfortably disappear into a pocket until needed. The open spacer construction also makes it a breeze to keep the knife clean and functioning smoothly. The Stubby Folding Razel can be pretty much whatever you make of it, our suggestion is make it your own.

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Also pictured: GORUCK GR1 ($295)

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Photos by Jon Gaffney

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