This Ergonomic Chair You’ll Actually Want to Show Off

Venn Design strives to design objects that encourage movement.

venn design ergonomic chair
Venn Design

While there are clear benefits to sitting on a physioball while working, it's not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing part of your home office. And with many of us working from home, surrounding ourselves with objects that invite movement can allow for boosted energy, focus and wellbeing. The Air Chair from Venn Design provides the benefits of a physioball but with a design that will elevate your space instead of serving as an eyesore. Thanks to a four-layer laminate construction with layers of durable, ripstop nylon, high-density foam and felt all wrapping an inner air cushion core, this chair provides comfort while helping your posture. Not to mention it also helps regulate temperature so that you never experience that cold, clammy and sweaty feeling that you might with other stability balls. It's available in large or small sizes; the large is perfect as a desk chair and workout ball while the small can provide additional seating when friends are over. In a variety of designs and patterns, the Air Chair ensures you don't have to choose between style and comfort.

Price: $299+


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