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Mighty OJ

Say Goodbye To Overpriced Orange Juice


I love diners. One of my favorite things about diners, especially those here in New York, is the simple fact that when I order a glass or orange juice, it means I’m getting fresh squeezed orange juice, not a glass of “from-concentrate” garbage. The downside of course is the $3-$5 price tag for a glass of OJ the size of my right thumb.

My remedy is passing on 14 glasses of OJ at my local diner (evidently I eat there a lot) and purchasing the Mighty OJ. The Mighty OJ is a compact juicer that’s rock solid and does a fantastic job of doing one thing: juicing. The all-metal juicer is designed to aid in squeezing juice from the meat rather than the skin. Oh, it also looks fantastic.

The only downside I’ve thus far encountered is the mass quantity of citric acid in my stomach on any given day. Yes, I know Patrick will tell me OJ is high in sugar content, but I don’t care; I’ll gladly down gallons of the sweet ambrosia.

Editor’s Tip: Nothing rounds out a perfect morning after a night of rigorous activities in bed than a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.

Cost: $40


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