Patrick Tuttle

I joined the gang at Gear Patrol because I believe that as men we often settle for less than the very best lifestyle we can attain. It’s been ingrained into our psyches to forgo certain products, services or lifestyles because they don’t fall within some antiquated male paradigm. Bunk. It’s time as men to stand up and redefine what’s rightfully ours. Much of what I have learned to this end has come through advice from guys who had the experiences and knowledge I was seeking. My only regret was not learning it sooner. Now I feel it’s my obligation to pass along what I know. I’m not saying I have all the answers but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far. On a more personal level, I live an active lifestyle and focus on my health and wellness as a means to sustain the frenetic pace. I also suffer from a case of golf-itis and spend a lot of my free time perusing that passion… ok, obsession. I aim to incorporate relevant fitness and golf content into Gear Patrol’s expanding coverage of all things male. Like the rest of the crew I can’t stand over-hyped, under-performing products. None of that crap will be perpetuated here.