Collectors Will Go Nuts Over This One-Off Weller Bourbon

A few years ago Buffalo Trace Distillery solicited help from its customer to create their own perfect bourbon. Then they decided to make it.


A few years ago Buffalo Trace Distillery solicited the help of its army of loyal drinkers by asking them to craft their ideal bourbon. They went as far as launching a fancy website that allows you to adjust wheat and corn levels, warehousing standards, barrel use, age and even proof. What did the collective minds of more than 100,000 whiskey drinkers decide to make? Apparently an eight-year, 95 proof wheat bourbon, which Buffalo Trace Distillery has elected to move forward in producing as a specialty one-off release. The spirit will don the Weller name, and go by “CYPB” (short for “Craft Your Perfect Bourbon”). Buffalo Trace Distillery says the bourbon will release once every year but be in “very limited” quantities, so although its MSRP is just $40, you can expect to pay many times more than that to get your hands around a bottle. Other than a planned summer release, the specifics of the Weller CYPB’s availability have yet to be announced.

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