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7 Home and Office Releases That Caught Our Eye This Week

There was a lot of stuff that came out this week that we liked — these are our favorites.


Week in, week out, there’s a veritable mountain of products released. Some over-designed, some too derivative and some somewhere in between. Then there’s the select few we can’t help fawn over. These seven products are the latter — useful, innovative and eye-catching.

Herman Miller Cosm Desk Chair

Abandon all hope, ye Aeron stans, Herman Miller’s next office staple doesn’t give a damn about your precious knobs and levers. The Cosm is engineered not for one person’s pleasure, but to adapt to anyone who plants themselves in it. Thanks to a one-of-a-kind, proprietary technology called “Auto-Harmonic Tilt,” which automatically adjusts to an individual’s posture, weight and pressure points, you can expect to see Cosm chairs in every shared workspace in America fairly soon after its fall launch date. A price has yet to be announced.

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Akron Street Case Console and Side Table

Akron Street’s pleasant, well-made wood home delivery wood furniture has been a thorn in my wallet’s side since I discovered the Elo Side Table. Luckily, it’s a small thorn. Erase the price from their shop page and you’d guess each piece were at least twice what they sell it for. The just-released Case Console and Case Side Table are no different, and are better suited for those obsessed with making everything in their home at least somewhat cubic (you know who you are). Both products are white oak with a blackened steel base. Like all Akron St. products, expect them to arrive at your door in a few days and require under 20 minutes of setup time.

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Muuto Enfold Sideboard Low

Muuto, an abbreviation of the finnish word muutos, means “new perspective.” That’s how the scandinavian-grounded approaches making its wide catalog of lighting, home accessories and furniture. The Enfold Sideboard Low reeks industrial — a bent and lacquered steel body doubles as a slide open door to reveal a modular shelving unit, and both the base and top surface are solid oak. Often troublesome to track down, Muuto products can be found in a surprising number of stores stateside.

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OSW Bento Trays

These wood trays by German design house OSW are, in a word, delightful. Each made of oak or ash to order, the trays play into asian floor-sitting culture, and can easily stack to make a western height table (or a very pretty media console). The rounded hyper-precise cut of the lip enables the trays to stay put when stacked. Orders and pricing are available upon request.

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Kasch Kasch Marselis Lamps


In a collaborative effort with Danish mega designers Hay, Kasch Kasch riffed on the street lights in Denmark and made a desk and standing lamp worth salivating over. The Marselis lamps features the familiar candy cane arm and a swiveling head that locks into place. The body is a reasonably heavy powder-coated die cast aluminum that comes in in the remarkably on-brand scandinavian design colors of eggshell, forest green and black.

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Linney Kenney Knife Roll

Made entirely of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, Linney Kenney’s new chef’s knife roll is absurdly attractive. Minimal stitching and five full-sized knife slots, the roll that makes you feel like you’re carrying katanas to battle comes in all black, bison and (my personal favorite) natural colors. Each roll is made to-order and by hand in Linney Kenney’s New Hampshire workshop.

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HAY Plastic Chair

In what might be the most unintentionally humorous quote about plastic chairs in some time, Ronan Bouroullec, in and interview with Design-Milk, made it clear just how shitty plastic chairs are: “The world is full of plastic chairs with the wrong colours and shapes… We can see it in a lot of beautiful cities in Europe, for example. A nice street with an awful terrace full of pink or light green chairs that totally spoil the place.”

Ronan and his brother Erwan were tapped to design Hay’s new chair to combat this crisis of misshapen and miscolored plastic chairs and they delivered. The chair will be among Hay’s more affordable products upon release, with an expected price around $90 each.

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Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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