Everything You Need to Know to Make Better Coffee at Home

Do you know the regionality of your beans or the minerality of your water?

Henry Phillips

Coffee may seem inherently simple, the combination of water and beans. But we’ve all had enough bad coffee to suggest, perhaps, there’s a little more to it than that. Good baristas separate themselves with taste and finesse, and you should, too. Just be diligent, because the deeper you go, the more you’ll realize that the secret to truly great coffee is hidden in the details — the regionality of your beans, the minerals in your water; hell, even the mug you ultimately drink the stuff from. If you feel like it’s time to step up your home-coffee game, the collection of stories below would be a good place to start.

What Makes This Coffee Maker the Best? More Than You Might Think.

The Specialty Coffee Association does not pull punches when testing the coffee makers that eventually wind up in your kitchen.

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I Discovered the Best Damn Coffee Mug on the Planet and Now Every Other Cup Design Is Dead to Me

One sip and I was hooked.

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How to Buy Better Coffee Beans, According to an Expert

Cutting to the heart of coffee bean flavor – what you need to know to pick the right bag.

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These Are the Four Best New Products in Coffee, as Judged By Coffee Experts

The Specialty Coffee Expo is one of the largest gatherings of coffee experts on the planet – these four products are their favorite new innovations and designs in the coffee world.

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These Magical Little Packets Make Coffee Taste Better

Do you need mineral-balanced water for your coffee? No — but you may still want it.

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The Best Coffee Grinders You Can Buy in 2019

If you want to make good coffee at home, you need a coffee grinder. These are the only four you need to consider.

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The 5 Best Tasting Instant Coffees of 2019

A new gang of coffee makers are re-defining what it means to be instant, and it's about time you tried some.

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For Better Coffee, Try a New Filter

Benjamin Brewer, director of quality control at Blue Bottle Coffee, breaks it down.

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Jack Seemer is the deputy editor at Gear Patrol.
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