This Stupidly Pretty, Highly-Customizable Desk Organizer Is Finally Available

It’s probably excessive, I could probably find something cheaper, but it’s so damned nice to look at.

There’s a moment after every hugely successful Kickstarter campaign where every hopeful backer must hold their breath — will you ever see the product you put money down on come to fruition? In the case of the $430,000+ funded Gather modular desk organizer, the answer is yes.

The beauty is in its simplicity — it’s a rectangular board with four parallel slots that accept an array of ABS thermoplastic (what Legos are made of) organization tools. The basic set includes a sticky note holder, a phone holder, a small tray (coins and thumbtacks) and a large tray (pens and pencils). The extended version tacks on a cork coaster and a headphone stand. The organization system, which comes in a light maple or dark walnut, is also available for bulk order, where each additional set is 20 percent off.

Buy Now: $149+

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