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All the Best Weed Accessories and Gear You Need to Properly Get High

From weed vapes to rolling papers, here is all the gear you'll want to get high like a professional stoner.

higher standards aerospaced grinder and vibes rolling papers on rolling tray
Higher Standards

As things stand right now, medical marijuana usage is legal in 37 states, as well as Washington D.C. and several other U.S. territories. Furthermore, recreational usage is legal in 21 states, as well as Washington D.C. and several other U.S. territories — and these numbers are likely only to rise. That's reason enough to celebrate. Of course, if you need another reason, 4/20 — AKA the biggest cannabis holiday of the year — is finally upon us.

In order to help you celebrate properly with whichever method you prefer, we've found all of the best weed gear you can buy — from vapes to bongs. All you have to do is provide your favorite weed (and maybe buck up on your knowledge of joint rolling, bong cleaning and vape cleaning). Oh yeah, and if you get a little too high in your revelry, we've also outlined how to sober up. Now, let the festivities begin.

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The 10 Best Weed Vapes for a Better High
best weed vaporizers
Henry Phillips

Getting smoked out doesn’t mean you have to spark up.


Best Overall Weed Vape
Pax Plus
Now 26% off
Best Upgrade Weed Vape
Storz and Bickel Mighty
Best Budget Weed Vape
G Pen Dash
G Pen
The 10 Best Bongs for Getting Ripped
collage of three bongs
Honest, Puffco, Summerland

No, we don’t mean that kind of ripped.


Best Overall Bong
Honest Capsule Water Pipe
Best Upgrade Bong
Heir Waterpipe
Smoke Heir
Best Budget Bong
Bento Bong
Bento Bong
The 10 Best Weed Grinders to Crush the Daily Grind
best weed grinders
Gear Patrol

Weeding out the competition to find the grinders actually worth your bud.


Best Overall Weed Grinder
Higher Standards Aerospaced
Higher Standards
Best Upgrade Weed Grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder
Best Budget Weed Grinder
Raw Three-Way Shredder Card
The 14 Best Rolling Papers for Better Joints
best rolling papers

From cheap to premium and everything in between, these rolling papers make getting high even better.


Best Overall Rolling Papers
Houseplant Rolling Papers + Tips
Best Upgrade Rolling Papers
Shine 24k Rolling Papers
Best Budget Rolling Papers
Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers
The 12 Best Rolling Trays for Seshing and More
collage of rolling trays
Edie Parker, Higher Standards, Z's Life

Let the good vibes roll with these stylish, stoner-approved trays.


Best Overall Rolling Tray
K.Haring Tray
Higher Standards
Best Upgrade Rolling Tray
Z's Life Pearl ZTray
Best Budget Rolling Tray
Valfre Rolling Trays
The10 Best One-Hitters and Chillums
chillums and one hitters on a wooden tray with a lighter, grinder, and weed nugget
Sean Tirman

These one-hit wonders are perfect for seshing alone, on the go and/or with tight-knit groups.


Best Overall One-Hitter
Vessel Helix
Best Upgrade One-Hitter
Dynavap Omni
Best Budget One-Hitter
Higher Standards Glass Taster
The 11 Best Bubblers for Getting the Best of Both Worlds
collage of three bubbler pipes
Gear Patrol

These bubblers are basically the Goldilocks of smoking accessories.


Best Overall Bubbler
Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler
Best Upgrade Bubbler
Purr Smoking 14 mm Double Chamber Bubbler
Best Budget Bubbler
Eyce Hammer Bubbler
All In One Smoke Shop
13 Great Weed Containers for Keeping Your Bud Fresh
collage of three weed containers
Staze, Tetra, Higher Standards

Whether you're looking for a handmade jar to sit proudly on the coffee table or a stash box that tracks every strain you've ever smoked, we've got something for you.


Best Overall Stash Jar
Tulip Weed Storage Jars
Best Upgrade Stash Jar
Stori Smart Storage
Best Budget Stash Jar
Tetra Airtight Storage Jars
The 8 Best Pipes for Smoking Weed (and CBD)
collage of 3 weed pipes
Session, Eyce, Laundry Day

Smaller than bongs, bigger than one-hitters and less complicated (and expensive) than vapes, pipes make a great middle ground.


Best Overall Weed Pipe
Honest Path Pipe
Best-Looking Pipe
Tetra Balance Pipe
Most Durable Pipe
Eyce Spoon
Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
Sean Tirman is Gear Patrol’s Commerce Writer.
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