Summit Appliance Beer Frosters

Cold and Calculating


The purpose of a Beer Froster ($550+) should be self-evident. What may not be so obvious is how it’s different from a standard freezer. Anyone who has ever attempted to cool down some brews quickly in the freezer and then forgot about it has learned that the consequences of combining beer with freezing temperatures can be explosive. The line of Beer Frosters from industrial fridge maker Summit Appliances eliminates this risk by combining an extremely powerful cooling unit with an incredibly stable thermostat. Together, these features let users set the Beer Froster’s temperature to a chilly low of 24 degrees — which is the absolute coldest beers can get before actually freezing. In other words, it provides the maximum level of chill without the risk of detonating your well-earned suds. This accuracy lets the Froster line noticeably chill a six pack in around 10 minutes, though the recommended time for best results is actually 90. Available in a variety of sizes for everything from dorm rooms to stadiums, we’re definitely thinking our wine fridge could benefit from having a new blue-collar buddy.

Editor’s Note: Aluminum bottles like those pictured above may be ideal for chilling, but don’t let us catch you handing them out at home. That is, unless, “home” happens to be spray painted with yard lines.

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Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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