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This Slick Food App Can Save You Time and Money at the Grocery Store

Groma is a new app that allows you to plan out recipes, build grocery lists, track spending and shame yourself into being a better food shopper.


Recipe-building apps are a dime a dozen. Grocery list apps are a dime a dozen. Personal spending apps are a dime a dozen. Pantry inventory apps are, well, a bit less common. Groma, available now on the App Store, combines all of these into one.

The premise of the app is adding in your favorite and most-used recipes, being able to click those recipes and instantly add all the needed items to your shopping list, track what you spent at the grocery and take a real-time stock of what’s in your pantry and fridge. All this combined makes for an app that, given a bit of minor attention, provides a little structure to grocery shopping (hopefully keeping you out of dangerous aisles) and feedback on how much you spend and use over time — hopefully shaving off some cash from a monthly grocery budget.

Groma is available now, for free, exclusively on iOS devices.

Learn More: Here

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