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Aesop’s First Design Product Looks as Good as You’d Expect

An oil burner that works and looks good? Yes.


Aesop is one of the world’s foremost makers of skincare and, if you’ve been lucky enough to waltz through one of its brick-and-mortar locations, you’d know there’s a whole lot more to it than skincare. Aesop has a lot of style, something relatively lacking in its market, and now Aesop has its first home product — a very, very nice looking brass oil burner.

Designed by frequent Aesop collaborator Henry Wilson (who also designed two of its stores), the oil burner is a heavy solid brass, and is manufactured in Australia using a method of pouring the molten brass into wax molds. It’s also meant to be the ideal vehicle for delivering the scents of Aesop’s line of essential oils, including the Béatrice oil burner blend, which launched alongside the oil burner.

It works in a fairly simple manner — light the tiny candle inside the burner (the lid comes off) and drip 5 to 10 drops of your choice oil into the small crater next to the hole in the lid. Wait a few minutes for the vessel to heat through, and a pleasant, unobtrusive shift in your room’s mood can be felt.

The new oil is available online, and the burner is available in select Aesop stores.

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