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This Grill Is Completely Excessive and Kind of Awesome

Francis Mallmann partnered with one of our favorite brands and made a grill that’s almost as over the top as he is.


For those not ingrained in the global culinary scene, Francis Mallmann is a fairly new phenomenon. Introduced to the unwashed masses in April of 2015 (check his US Google search numbers before and after if you don’t believe me) on the release of Netflix’s first season of Chef’s Table, he is a very strange, incredibly talented chef.

He is Latin America’s most famous chef, and is most closely known for a trademark cooking style that’s not usually highlighted in fine dining institutions around the world — live fire cooking . He’s written incredibly popular books about it, his entire episode of Chef’s Table is dedicated to it and he is unquestionably a master of it. Now, in an exclusive partnership with Best Made Co., he’s got his own grill.

If you knew Mallmann before reading this and you knew he was releasing a grill, there’s a fair chance you’d guess it would be something that’s both absurd and great. You would be right. The 8-foot tall steel grill is made in Argentina (where Mallmann is from); is capable of roasting, smoking and high heat grilling; has hooks to hang meat, fruit or veggies on for slower cooking; and breaks down to move it to and fro the various mountain vistas and backyards you’ll take it to.

Best Made Co., which describes the grill as “a veritable altar to the flame,” prides itself on making gear for the longest haul — all its products come by default with the Best Made Guarantee, which guarantees products will last for life.

Mallmann’s Grill is available now (online only).

Learn More: Here

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