Lodge Released a Two-Piece Set of Cast-Iron Cookware That’s Tailored for the Outdoors

About a month ago, Lodge quietly released a pretty handy set of cast-iron cookware that’s tailored for campfires.


Somewhat unceremoniously, Lodge released something called the “Cook-it-All.” It’s a two-piece set of cast-iron cookware that can be configured in five different ways that is specifically designed for use over a campfire.

The smaller piece is a 14-inch griddle on one side and a grill surface on the other. The larger piece is a sort of wok-skillet hybrid on its own, and, when combined with the griddle-grill top, can become a quasi-Dutch oven or pizza oven. Conveniently, it does come with handles.

Though convenient and stuffed with potential uses for camping, its weight, though unlisted, is a pretty safe bet to be on the high side. This means it’s probably not a great tool for more serious hiking, where shedding weight is more a priority than pizza in the woods.

The Cook-it-All set is available through Lodge’s website now for $130. Shipping is free.

Learn More: Here

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