This Is a Coffee Maker, Scale and Timer All in One Machine

Draw is a new coffee Kickstarter project. It’s a pour-over brewer that integrates scales and timers and other coffee nerdery into one device.


A note about pour-over coffee: it is not for everyone. It also typically requires quite a lot of gear: a coffee grinder (preferably a burr grinder), a gram scale, a kettle and the pour-over brewer itself. South Korea-based Peter’s Pantry has a solution for this (somewhat).

Live on Kickstarter this week, the Draw is a pour-over device that integrates both the scale and the timer into the pour-over device, and does so for a small fraction of the cost of all three put together — $79. All weight and timing numbers are displayed on the handy silicon strap on the handle (this is also where you flip into brewing mode, measuring mode, etc.). And while it would be nice to see a device do similar with more trusty materials (the body is made of a BPA-free plastic), it’s nice to see an integrated, affordable option crop up in a rather exclusionary type of coffee brewing.

The Drip is available to back on Kickstarter now.

Learn More: Here

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