This New Line of Mixers Lets You Stock Your Home Bar Like World’s Best Bartenders

Muyu sources inspiration for its trio of liqueurs from the heart of the Amazon rainforest.


Just a few of the awards in Alex Kratena, Monica Berg and Simone Caporale’s trophy case: World’s Best Bartender, Best Bar in the World, Best International Bartender, World’s 50 Best Bars. The trio is also the founding team behind Muyu, a new liqueur line from Dutch spirit company De Kuyper.

The group was inspired after a trip to the Amazon, but instead of sourcing ingredients directly from the rainforest, they went in a different direction. “We first visited the Amazon in 2016 to explore the potential of Amazonian produce in cocktails, and we were so inspired by what we saw, but also realized we would contribute to the rainforest’s destruction if we sourced directly from there,” Berg said in a press release.

Instead, each of the three bottles released at launch — Chinotto Nero, Jasmine Verte and Vetiver Gris — were developed in the same manner perfume or cologne is. The individual expressions start with the single eponymous flavor note (nero, jasmine and vetiver), with secondary flavors “wrapped around each note to create a completely developed and complex liquid,” the press release noted. After the flavor compounds are identified and blended, the mixture is cooked together with C02 extraction, steam distillation and a host of other techniques before finally being blended with alcohol, sugars and water.

“This process allows us to create a liqueur brand that enables bartenders to work with some of the most extraordinary ingredients available in the world, without taking anything away from the rainforest,” Berg said in the release.

Muyu officially launches in London near the end of the month.

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