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What If Apple Made a Shower Head? Meet the Nebia 2.0

A few years ago, Nebia released a shower head that atomized water on the fly and save huge amounts of water (and money).


Launched in 2015, the Nebia 1.0 is a sleek shower head that, according to the brand, uses 65 percent less water than a traditional shower head while providing three times the water pressure. It’s a promise that’s even attracted investment from some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley (Apple’s Tim Cook, for example). Available now, Nebia 2.0 one-ups the original.

The second generation of Nebia’s water-saving showerhead operates using much of the same technology as the original — a built-in atomizer converts water from your pipes into a steady stream of fast-moving mist, and it requires no tools and all of 15 minutes to install (the brand says if you can unscrew a lightbulb, you can install a Nebia). What’s new? Three fixes to the most common complaints with the original — compatibility, heat and looks.

Though installing the Nebia is fairly straightforward, due to issues with water pressure, it was only compatible with about two-thirds of showers in the US. According to Nebia, the 2.0 brings that number to 95 percent. On top of that, water pumped out of the Nebia 2.0 is 29 percent warmer than its predecessor and requires no additional power or water pressure. And thanks to many customer complaints with the all-white original, the 2.0 now comes in matte black and matte silver.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign early this year, the 2.0 is available now for $499. Check the brand’s compatibility hub before buying.

Buy Now: $499

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