Sabre à Champagne

Not-So-Essential Man Knowledge: Opening Champagne With A Saber


Somewhere, there’s a list of a man’s essentials skills that includes the ability to open a bottle of bubbly with a sword, knife, or saber. The prowess of champagne decapitation grows neither tiresome nor cliche when repeated, and what man doesn’t like wielding sharp metal?

Sabre à Champagne is a purveyor of exactly what you think they would be… champagne sabers. Sabers start at $69, making the barrier to entry relatively affordable for you aspiring Lance-a-lots. Granted, you might have a hard time justifying the cost of all the champagne. Honestly, there’s little more to say beyond watching the “how-to saber champagne” video below. File this one under bar tricks.

Your only real challenge: finding something to celebrate in 2009.

Cost: $69+

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