BE Light by QisDesign

Now your see it, now you don't


The BE Light by QisDesign may not boast the ridiculous lifespan of the CSYS LED task lamp, but it does represent an ideal combination between form and function. Inspired by the art of origami, its articulating design allows users to extend the arm to a variety of positions, providing fully dimmable, warm white LED light to the task at hand. While we’re quite found of the aluminum alloy silhouette of the lamp, the BE light can also be collapsed down completely into an unobtrusive metallic slab when not in use — which may be good news for you closeted war Star Wars figurine painters in the audience. It appears the brand expected design-fans in the U.S. and across the pond would appreciate this offering too, since buyers have the option to pick between UK, European, or American plug heads at the time of purchase. Check out more photos after the break.

Buy Now: $488




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