This Is the Best Stuff from Ikea’s New Catalog

Ikea’s new catalog is very long and chock-full of new products. Here’s the stuff to look out for.


Every year, Ikea drops an enormous catalog featuring thousands of its products. The 288-page book showcases plenty of Ikea staples, but it’s also the first look at some of the Swedish giant’s newest gear. In no particular order, here are five of Ikea’s latest we’ve got our eyes on.

Nissafors Utility Cart

Ikea’s ever-popular Raskog cart ($30) gets some competition. Just three levels of powder-coated steel with perforated shelves, it doesn’t stand out, but it’s exactly what you want out of a dirt-cheap cart. That simplicity allows it to work as a mobile kitchen cabinet, a bar cart or supplementary storage space.

Buy Now: $25

Praktvädd Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleep was one of the larger themes in the 2020 catalog. In an effort to create more individualized products, the brand launched a series of sleep-style-specific pillows. Stuffed with a high-density memory foam core, this one aims to keep a side sleeper’s neck in line with their body throughout sleep, reducing stress on neck muscles and soreness.

Buy Now: $50

Yngvar Chair

Ikea’s 2018 Life at Home found young adults are living with roommates longer and getting married later. This means lengthier stays in smaller apartments that you don’t plan on investing serious money into. Yngvar chairs aim to make that period simpler. They’re under $100, stackable and fairly neutral-looking — an ideal blend of space-saving, non-commital affordability.

Buy Now: $95

Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker

Ikea’s collaboration with Sonos has rightfully received the most spotlight of any of its new products. It’s the easiest, most affordable way to get yourself into the world of Sonos speakers and it looks and sounds solid. It’s a no-brainer for the speaker-less.

Buy Now: $99

Kolbjörn Indoor-Outdoor Shelf Unit

Though there are many sexier products hitting Ikea stores in the coming months, things like this indoor-outdoor shelf unit are what the brand does best. It’s sturdy, simple and can work as garage storage or a book shelf.

Buy Now: $118

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