The Corner Ladder by Company and Company

Space-saving scaffold

Homeless Design

While city populations grow every year, living space doesn’t. Given the ever-increasing premium for square footage, creative design concepts like The Corner Ladder are becoming increasingly useful. This unique shape shifter is made of beech wood (yes, you remember that from the old Budweiser ads), brass hinges, and a cord at the base, and can collapse down to a pole that’s about 3.5 x 4 x 68-inches. Stick that behind a door and it’s out of sight until you need it next.

One thing to note: The reason the unit compacts into such a small size is because each rung has hinges that allow the outside poles to fold in toward each other. While these joints are key to saving space, they’re also reason for caution. A brass joint at the center of the rung, right where a man would step, makes the ladder considerably weaker. If a joint has to be in the middle of each step, we’d feel much better if it were titanium or otherwise reinforced.

We definitely appreciate the design and concept of a space-saving ladder, but this one might still need some tweaking before we give our stamp of approval. Right now it’s pretty much limited to someone in Spiderman’s weight class, and he’s not exactly in the market for a ladder.

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