IdeaPaint CLEAR

Just as bright, without the white


IdeaPaint, creators of the brilliant whiteboard-anywhere technology have now concocted a new iteration that looks even better: IdeaPaint CLEAR ($225+). Brace yourself, doodlers, because now you can turn any surface, of any color into a writing station. Specifically, CLEAR is a certified low-emission and LEED-compliant finish that goes over any interior paint (or wood) to create a dry erase board.

Satisfy your brainstorming addiction by scrawling ideas, graphs, or Matt Damon’s janitor math all over your office walls. Then easily hide the evidence with a quick wipe down once you’ve had your fill. While the business use cases are obvious, CLEAR might just be the best invention for the parents of marker-happy rugrats since invisible ink.

Buy Now: $225+

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