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GunVault MiniVault Biometric

Gun Control


Gun control is a perennial issue that raises passions on both sides of the aisle. One thing everyone can agree on, though, is that secure storage is key to preventing tragedy. There are two essentials in home firearm storage: security and access control. The GunVault MiniVault Biometric ($208) handgun safe unequivocally gives you both. Using your unique fingerprint to open the 16 gauge high-tensile steel lockbox within one second, the MiniVault Biometric ensures that you, and only you, can access the weapon. No more keys or lock combinations for you to forget, lose, or even worse, let slip into the hands (or minds) of someone else. That peace of mind means owners can securely keep their firearm on Condition 1 (safety on, magazine in the weapon, round in the chamber) — all without concerns about unintended access, and the potentially lethal consequences. This is an absolute must for households with children.

The safe also comes complete with an A/C power adapter in case of battery failure, a fail-safe key for worst case scenarios and a high-strength cable for securing to a vehicle, motorhome, or furniture. The biometric reader can be programmed with up to 15 fingerprints — allowing more than one person authorized access to the inside if desired. Additionally, there is a tamper indicator to record illicit entry attempts. Too bad this level of security hasn’t made its way to your refrigerator/cookie jar/liquor cabinet/paramour’s chastity belt — yet.

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