Focal Locus Workstation

Save yourself some pain in the ass


Henry David Thoreau, in his famous work Walking, writes that when he thinks of those who work indoors all day sitting, “as if the legs were made to sit upon, and not to stand or walk upon… they deserve some credit for not having committed suicide long ago.”

Thoreau’s words don’t bode well for cubicle-dwellers though. Indeed, Henry D. was no fool: sitting still all day at a desk has been proven to cause serious health problems. Luckily, designer Martin Keen has provided us with an alternative to death by sore butt with his Focal Locus Workstation ($1,150+). The dynamic, strange-yet-chic drafting-style table and companion stool ($650) is made from aluminum, steel, bent hardwood laminate and polymer, and allow you to get all the benefits of standing while saving your feet the trouble.

The work station’s unique pivoting leg seat is not stable; it moves, allowing you to find your perfect balancing point anywhere from nearly sitting to nearly standing (as long as you range between 4’11” to 6’8″, and weigh under 400 pounds). This free-movement instability keeps you shifting and active while still allowing your body to rest. It’s also fully adjustable, from the angle and height of the desk, to the height of the chair, to the chair’s distance from the angled footrest. Focal is currently taking preorders of the station, and the first 1,000 customers will receive “early adopter” pricing. So save your life, some dough, and at the very least, your bum.

Buy Now: Seat $650+ | Desk $1,150+

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