Restoration Hardware Vintage Furniture Factory Cart

A Coffee Table Fit for Daniel Plainview


If you appreciate vintage over modern, then you’re likely to take a look at the Vintage Furniture Factory Cart, sold by Restoration Hardware, and immediately want to build an entire room around it. Personally, I’ll take restored vintage over modern (though I prefer a nice mix), but this piece is entirely too unique not to talk about (despite Gear Patrol not owning one… yet).

The early American 1900s industrial design is unmistakable and has an air of “There Will Be Blood” about it, minus Daniel-Day Lewis sitting in your living room clamoring on about drinking your milkshake.

Made of North American solid white oak and original cast iron parts (restored), each cart is unique (read: no two the same). Each cart has been painstaking restored by Michael Vermillion’s piece by piece in Northern California. I thought it worth quoting Vermillion’s philosophy of design, as it’s one I think applicable to any and all products I’d consider purchasing.

Make products that are honest. Finely crafted. Timeless in their design. And all about quality.

Well said Mr. Vermillion.

Cost: $910

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