This Machine Makes Perfect Pour Over Coffee Every Time

The Ratio Eight doesn’t brew a fantastic cup of drip coffee.

Ratio Eight Pour Over Coffee Maker

In this modern, artisanal world, the goalline for even the simplest of pleasures, like — as Agent Dale Cooper would put it — a damn fine cup of coffee, pushes farther away each year. Coffee has never been more complicated and fussed over, which is why the first thing you’ll notice about the sleekly designed Ratio Eight, a luxury coffee machine made by nerds, for nerds, is that it only has one button. There’s nothing to set and no variables to manage; the machine automatically detects the amount of water in its tank and customizes the brew cycle for perfect coffee every time. And in this regard, it’s insanely consistent. The machine delivers optimally heated, 200-degree water, every time. But the thing is, the Ratio Eight doesn’t brew a fantastic cup of drip coffee. It brews a fantastic cup of pour-over coffee. That same, expensive cup that a sweating barista has to make personally, complete with a bloom cycle, is now available at the press of a button.

1. Stop Thinking:
While comparable coffee and espresso machines feature a dashboard of knobs, buttons, and multicolored lights, the Ratio Eight has only one button. (For those interested, subtle white lights signal what’s happening in the brew cycle). But when it really shines is on lazy mornings with guests; whether making a 40-ounce carafe or a 16-ounce to-go cup, the machine automatically fine-tunes the entire brewing process.

2. Bloom Cycle:
The bloom cycle is what sets your typical diner coffee apart from a $4 cup at your local coffee aficionados’ spot. The Ratio Eight automatically soaks the grounds and allows time for the bloom cycle time to occur, which releases CO2 trapped in the beans, before continuing to brew. Welcome to more nuanced, less acidic coffee.

3. Built to Last:
The Ratio Eight juxtaposes state of the art technology with natural finishes; die-cut aluminum and borosilicate glass contrast with premium hardwood. The machines are assembled by hand and are designed to outlive your current coffee maker, complete with a five-year warranty. As a bonus, they’re easy to take apart and clean, so maintenance is a breeze.

Buy Now: $495+

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