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Click & Grow


Click & Grow

Ask anyone at the office who’s knowingly or unknowingly killed a houseplant, and you’ll probably learn of enough biennial-victims to fill a Home Depot greenhouse. In fact, one of the staffers (who shall not be named) actually thought coffee would be good for his Spider plant. Wrong. Not for green thumbs who actually give a daily damn, the Click & Grow flowerpot is for the rest of us, who want the benefits and joys of greenery without the required TLC.

Essentially an electronic smartpot, the Click & Grow utilizes a water reservoir and pump, electronics and sensors to automatically deliver the goods to the greens. Just use the included plant cartridge kit, which houses seeds and nutrients necessary to bring life from dirt. Place the plant in sunlight and the smartpot will provide water and fertilizer as needed. Once the plant goes through its life cycle, you can just change out cartridges for the next one on your list. Choose from French Marigold, Basil, Painted Nettle, chili pepper (yes, please) and mini tomato. But it’s not zero work, slacker. You have to add a liter of water every month or two and change the batteries once a year. But it knows how neglectful you can be, so indicator lights — green means good, blue means water — will tell you when to do what. It doesn’t get simpler. Of course, if you need something bigger, there’s always this.

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