Profiles in History James Bond Movie Poster Auction

Bidding on Bond
Having Connery looking over your shoulder is strangely calming. | CineMasterpieces


A fine movie poster adds color and character to a blank wall, but it also reveals a lot about you. Austin Powers smiles goofily from your den? You’re groovy baby, yea. Is Jason Bourne giving the cold stink eye from above your bed? You take your action raw and you’re probably a realist. But a Bond poster? Well, that creates an instant connection with just about any man (or woman) worth his or her Walther PPK.

That’s why the most comprehensive James Bond movie poster auction ever happening in LA on December 15th and 16th has our cinematic blood pumping. Is it realistic to imagine shelling out $15k for a single poster? (Dr.) No. But that doesn’t mean we won’t daydream about how epic that sucker must be. Put on by Profiles in History, the nation’s biggest dealer in authentic movie goodies, the auction will throw more than 100 original posters to the Bond-obsessed wolves, plus more than 100 stills, lobby cards, scripts, pressbooks “and more” — all of which is estimated to bring in $200,000. If you’re a 007 fanatic with an oil baron inheritance, don’t miss it. Us normal folks just have to imagine bidding on awesome trinkets, like Jaw’s grill, Oddjob’s hat and, of course, that line of rope squeezed between Xenia Onatopp deadly thighs in Goldeneye.

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