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10 Great Puzzles to Buy Before They Sell Out (Again)

Puzzles aren’t just for the kids anymore.


At this point in quarantine, you’re probably sick of streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime or whatever the hell Quibi is. Here’s a thought: let go of the remote, unplug your computer and dive into some jigsaw puzzles. Assembling jigsaw puzzles have the effects of improved mental health, decreased stress levels and, in the long-run, improved cognitive abilities. And while jigsaw puzzles are trending and some sites are selling out, there’s still plenty in stock. Here are 10 worth ordering ASAP.

For the Newbie:
300-Piece and Under Puzzles

Mudbuddy Andy Warhol Soup Can Red Violet

Paintings and artwork tend to find themselves being reproduced as puzzles because it’s like bringing priceless art into your home. Andy Warhol’s iconic pop art Campbell’s soup can is no exception, and this 300-piece puzzle comes in a dope can that can stand alone as home decor.

BUY NOW: $18

Areaware Little Puzzle Thing: Tonkotsu Ramen Puzzle

Areaware’s collection of food puzzles are quick and easy to assemble and they’re pretty fun to do over and over again. We’re partial to the brand’s ramen puzzle — you can almost smell the broth simmering away.

BUY NOW: $15

Zazzle Blue Sky Jigsaw Puzzle

A 110-piece puzzle may not seem that hard, but the Blue Sky jigsaw puzzle is close to being a one-color puzzle. Matching the pictures isn’t as simple as it seems, and you’ll have to rely mainly on the shape of each piece.

BUY NOW: $18

For the Novice:
500-Piece Puzzles

Galsion Muchos Autos

This jigsaw, comprised of 48 shots vibrant vintage cars, is like putting together dozens of mini puzzles.

BUY NOW: $13

Areaware Gradient Puzzle (Black/White)

This Areaware gradient puzzle is a challenging endeavor as you can never really make out whether or not one shade of grey is the same as another shade of grey. There are 500 pieces and too many shades between black and white to count.

BUY NOW: $25

Ravensburger Dad’s Shed

Ravensburger is a leading jigsaw puzzle brand for the quality of its pieces and its wide array of images. Dad’s Shed is a hodgepodge of random items from, you guessed it, dad’s shed.

BUY NOW: $17

For the Pro:
1000-Piece Puzzles

Galison Zero Gravity

Recreate outer space at home with Galison’s Zero Gravity puzzle. The 1,000-piece puzzle also includes 20 die-cut pieces that are cut in the shape of stars and planets.

BUY NOW: $24

Charley Harper Isle Royale

Charley Harper applied his love of nature and art to create vibrant posters for the National Park Service. This recreation of his poster for Isle Royale National Park in Michigan highlights Harper’s use of simple geometric shapes and patterns to represent a diverse ecosystem of animals and nature.

BUY NOW: $18

Dark Horse Comics Game of Thrones Map of Westeros

While GoT fans continue to wait for George R.R. Martin to finish “The Winds of Winter,” we’ll pass the time by recreating a map of Westeros. Things are probably going better there than here anyway.

BUY NOW: $40

For the Eccentric:
3,000-Piece Puzzle

Aquarius Magical Mystery Tour

Better make room on your puzzle-assembling surface. This puzzle’s design is based on the work of Tom Masse. The image references 100 songs by The Beatles, and the puzzle includes a song key that points each reference out. The difficulty of the puzzle lies in the sheer number of pieces. If you’re really itching for a challenge, you could get this 1000-piece all-white puzzle.

BUY NOW: $30

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Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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