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I Can’t Get Enough of These Ramen Noodle Flavor Packs for Adults

Alternatively, it's the Old El Paso for Thai larb, but actually good.


Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over new home products we want in our apartments right the hell now.

Omsom Cooking Sampler

Omsom’s about page says “No more diluted dishes, no more cultural compromise” and “the most” flavor. Having tried the sampler trio — which includes flavor foundations for Vietnamese lemongrass barbeque, Thai larb and Filipino sisig — I can confirm this is the case. For what amounts to a fancy version of a flavor packet, Omsom has made something worth keeping stocked in the pantry.

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airweave MattressFit

If you’re going to buy a mattress, check out airweave, a Japan-based mattress company that supplied mattresses to US Olympic athletes for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The brand’s latest offering is a mattress that uses a technology called MattressFit to develop a version of the new Mattress Advanced tailored to you for optimal sleep posture.

Airweave uses a material called airfiber in its mattresses, which is a first in the mattress space. The material is a network of interwoven plastic that results in a mattress that is essentially all air. The brand spent 10 years developing its new mattress after analyzing sleep data from top Olympic athletes. The Mattress Advanced is available now and starts at $2,180 for a twin-sized mattress.

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Artifact Rising x See In Black Prints

Artifact Uprising teamed up with See In Black, a coalition of Black photographers to put over 75 images up for purchase. All profits will go towards organizations that will support Black advancement in five key areas: civil rights, education/arts, intersectionality, community building and criminal-justice reform. “We do not merely make images of Black figures, we document history that is often unrecorded with intentionality, respect, nuance, and care. We serve as a platform for Black people to stand proudly in their permanence,” See In Black said in an Instagram post. Prints will cost $100, and the event runs through July 3.

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Bloomscape Pineapple

If you can’t book a tropical vacation, bring the tropics to you. Bloomscape, the plant delivery website, released a bunch of tropical plants, which includes a pineapple. It’s apparently a “no-fuss” plant that will yield a single pineapple (yes, you can eat it!). The plant will eventually spawn offshoots, or baby plants, that will then grow into a new plant, which will produce even more pineapple. At just $65, the plant is like having a never-ending pineapple buffet at home — just give it time to replenish the fruit bar. For those who are pineapple-adverse, the bromeliad collection ($65) is a trio of bright, easy-going tropical plants. These, however, are inedible.

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The Citizenry Lounge Chairs

One of our favorite home goods websites, The Citizenry, just released a couple of handmade Indonesian lounge chairs, and they’re some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that we’ve seen. The Artisans of Cirebon, based in the Indonesian city of the same name, is a group of artisans who work with rattan — a thin, pliable type of palm. Rattan is so durable that it can be found almost everywhere from the walls of homes to plates.

Artisans flex their craftsmanship on the Tara Rattan Lounge Chair and Lindu Cane Lounge Chair. Both have laid-back, chill vibes in a sculptural-esque design. Forget the sofa, these will be the centerpieces of your living room.

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Field Tiles

I’m not fond of all direct-to-consumer companies with promises of disrupting crusty old categories, but I am fond of Field Tiles. It could be a function of surpassing some unmarked age threshold, but I’ve found myself seriously considering backsplashes and bathroom tiling options recently, only to be subsumed by legions of color and finish options. Relative to its tile-selling forebearers, Field Tiles’ 100-some-odd options is nothing, but it’s refreshing nonetheless. You can filter out finishes you’re not interested in and quickly narrow down 10 to 15 color options from that, then have your choice cut in one of 16 formats, all handmade in Portugal.

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General Admission Open Your Mind Jigsaw Puzzle

Sadly General Admission, a chill Los Angeles menswear shop announced it would be closing its brick-and-mortar store. Fortunately, the online store will continue to hawk California-cool clothes, like pull-on shorts and breezy short-sleeve button downs, as well as select home goods like glassware and planters. One of its newest releases, as part of the Inner Worlds Relaxation Program, is a 1,000-piece puzzle ($45) that’s a collage of some psychedelic, out-of-this-world images. Jigsaw puzzles are in short supply these days, so buy this one before it sells out. And use these tips to make sure you complete it without ripping your hair out.

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HighKey Baking Mixes and Cookies

HighKey is a new-ish food brand that makes healthier alternatives to childhood favorites (like a particular Flintstone-endorsed cereal brand). The brand recently released a bunch of keto-friendly, gluten-free, low-carb cookies and some keto-friendly baking mixes. They’re not diet food, but if you can eat a bunch of sweets without the typical sugar crash and a few health benefits, then we’re in.

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Minna Sparkling Tea

Tastier than sparkling water and better for you than soda, Minna’s sparkling teas are a refreshing way to stay hydrated (and sober). The unsweetened teas are lightly caffeinated and made with non-GMO ingredients and fair trade tea. Its latest flavor is Cherry Cacao Green Tea. The brand mentions notes of cherry and hibiscus on the front with a hint of cacao to finish. Minna donates 1 percent of sales to nonprofits advocating for inclusion, so your hydration is supporting a worthy cause.

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Trade Come Together Coffee

The largest specialty coffee-buying platform on the internet collaborated with more than 20 roasters to release a new bag of coffee every Wednesday. All profits from each bag sold will be directed to the roaster’s community to soften the blow of COVID-19. This isn’t just any coffee — it’s coming from some of the best roasters in the U.S.

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