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This Coffee Subscription Delivers the Best Coffee Beans Money Can Buy

Competition-grade coffee beans, delivered.


Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over new home products we want in our apartments right the hell now.

Slurp Rare Coffee

Trade Coffee is well and good, but Slurp Rare, based in Finland, is a new coffee subscription service that delivers competition-grade coffee beans to regular shmucks like me. Two-time Finnish Barista Champion Jarno Peräkylä and Alexander Ruas, of Stockholm’s Standout Coffee, curate the coffee, and Ruas roasts all the beans in Stockholm. Slurp is based in Finland, and it ships monthly 100-gram bags of rare varietals with a focus on experimental processing methods. If you’re familiar with natural processed coffee, you can expect something even funkier from Slurp. Subscriptions cost €27.9, or approximately $31 USD, and all orders ship free.

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Made In Paella Pan

Made In’s newest cookware tool is a paella pan for recreating Spain’s most iconic rice dish. Made of the brand’s signature carbon steel, the newest offering is a shallow, wide-bottomed pan designed to work over stovetop or fire, like it’s prepared in Spain. Although it’s marketed as a paella pan, don’t hesitate to cook large format meals in it as Made In’s carbon steel material is a near-perfect cooking material for any dish.

BUY NOW: $99

Soma Glass Straw

The shift to reusable straws was a small, but dedicated, attempt to minimize plastic waste. Now, reusable straws may give people peace of mind that their straw has only ever touched their lips. Soma, which started as a water purification system brand, released a glass straw in an accompanying carry case. The streamlined design means you can slip the product in your bag, and the case holds a cleaning tool for proper hygiene.

BUY NOW: $15

Field Notes Heavy Duty

If you’re still using physical notebooks (and not relying on your phone’s Notes app), Field Notes’s summer release is a heavy-duty flip workbook. The covers are made from “extra-beefy ‘Super Duty Chipboard'” perfect for outdoor bird watching, investigative journalism or grocery lists. Those who use notebooks regularly should opt for a Field Notes’ subscription so they never run out of sheets.

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Atonae by Atoboy

Atoboy, a Korean restaurant in New York City (and a Michelin Bib Gourmand winner), launched Atonae, an e-store stocked with restaurant-branded merchandise and imported Korean condiments. My shopping cart currently contains a set of Soilbaker x Ato plates, a case of Atoboy x Broc Cellars Chenin blanc wine and a pouch of gochujang.

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A Dozen Cousins

Foodies don’t give beans enough credit. For some reason, these nutrient-dense, cheap and flavor-absorbing foods are often considered emergency food for its shelf stability. A Dozen Cousins is a new-ish brand that sells ready-to-eat bean packs inspired by African American and Latinx dishes. The current lineup includes Trini chickpea curry, Mexican cowboy beans and Cuban black beans. They’re an easy way to get a delicious meal going after a quick go in the microwave.

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Kalahari Snacks Air Dried Beef Chips

Kalahari Biltong was one of my favorite snacks of 2019. They’re South African-inspired beef jerky, which the brand describes as a cross between jerky, slow-roasted beef and prosciutto. The brand just released Kalahari crisps — roasted top round beef that makes for a crunchy, umami-packed snack. As the snack industry expands beyond potato chips and crackers, we’re looking forward to more “out-there” eats.

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