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Crate & Barrel Hamburger Press

Full Burger Press

There’s a burger I like to make, it’s called “The Frisco.” Why? I have no idea. But at some point in my adult/grilling life, the idea for a ½ pound of ground buffalo meat stuffed with gorgonzola cheese along with some chives, a dash of Louisiana Hot Sauce, a drop of Olive Oil, and sea salt was conjured up. This is to be served on two slices of fresh lightly grilled sourdough bread, with one generous slice of Grainger County Tomato, and a dollop of chipotle mayo. Perhaps I’ll take the time to write about it in an article, though I doubt it’ll stack up to the Gear Burger.

With grilling season upon us and, consequently my cravings for burgers increasing, I’ve been keeping my eye out for some tools to aid in the production of said burgers.

The Hamburger Press from Crate & Barrel fits the bill perfectly. It’s functional, stout, and pretty reasonable at 20 bucks. It helps prepare two perfectly sized ½ lb. burgers that fit most types of buns and, in this case, “The Frisco.” All you do is mix your ingredients, mash the appropriate amount of ground-deliciousness into the press, and grill away. The non-stick finish also makes removal a breeze. Press your way to burger heroism.

Editor’s Note: It’s official, the Hamburger Press is now one of my requisite grilling tools.

Cost: $20

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