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Keurig Mini Brewing System

One Cup Coming Right Up


After reading Dusty Overby’s review on the Keurig Brewing System (aka: K-Cups), I was convinced I needed one for my home. The simplicity of the system (read: busy schedule) with an absolute need for space utilization (read: New York apartment) made one of the available options a perfect solution. Forgoing the larger Keurig Platinum Brewing System, I instead procured the single-serve model, the Keurig Gourmet Mini Single-Cup Brewer.

Before you coffee snobs rip into an endorsement of the K-Cups, let me first say that I too am a coffee snob. You should also be warned that once you’ve tried the Green Mountain Fair Trade Golden French Toast, you may completely forget the idea of manual coffee preparation. Sure, a properly pulled Espresso, Cappuccino, or Americano might have few peers, but not all of us have the same leisurely schedule as the café-set.

The Keurig Mini Single-Cup Brewer, steps to the plate of a carnivorous coffee consumer (yours truly), and here’s my take. With video.

As evidenced by the video (above), the Keurig Mini Single-Cup Brewer is a small device, engulfing a 10oz coffee mug in its brewing womb with ease. It will fit on small counter tops (and in offices) easily and is virtually maintenance free. With Keurig, ease of use is paramount, unlike with the authentic Italian espresso maker you purchased last year and only used twice – once when you first opened it and once when you decided you’d never use it again. The Mini is available in red, black (shown), and white to fit your kitchen’s decor. There are probably more K-Cup flavors (PDF list) than you even knew of. Keurig is nice enough to even throw in 10 K-Cup flavors right in the box for you first timers.

The Keurig Mini is about as simple as you can make it: insert K-Cup, pour one coffee mug of water into the reservoir, and hit brew. Less than 180 seconds later you’ve got yourself a piping hot cup of joe. It’s a touch more expensive than your garden variety dripper, but if you’re a guy with a busy schedule then this might be the perfect solution for you.

Cost: $80 | Amazon

Don’t take my word for it though, watch the video (or large HD version here) we’ve put together of the Keurig Gourmet Single-Cup Brewer in action. Oh and yes, we realize what time it says on the clock… purely coincidental.

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