Doane Paper

Grids + Lines = Doane Paper


Attention Moleskin fans: there are other options out there when it comes to notepads. Here’s one: Doane Paper.


The premise of Doane rotates around the paper that make up each pad. The founder, Chad Doane, noticed during a meeting that half the room was using legal pads and the other were using grid paper, so why not mash it up? After all, sometimes you need a grid for drawing or scheming your world takeover and sometimes you need lines to write your next limerick. Doane Paper takes care of both by providing you lines and a grid on each sheet of paper without looking like a jumbled mess.

Doane Paper has two writing pads: 50 sheet 5×8 pad and 8.25×11.75 pad for your larger note-jotting needs. The small, pocket-sized 3.5x5x5 48 page notepad suits most writing needs just fine (think: meeting notes, reminders, recipes, dirty jokes). You can even download .pdf templates for standard sizes of paper for your own foray into grid-lining (OCD men rejoice) and order custom covers.

Admittedly, it will take a crowbar to separate me from the Journal Engraver Laser Etched Moleskin I use daily, but Doane Paper might just fit the tall order.

Cost: Utility Notebook ($9) | 5×8 Writing Pad ($8) | 8.25×11.75 ($10)

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