M Custom Grill Grates

Team Pride Never Felt So Manly


Whatever your team, this is the ultimate grill mark for your meat.Sometimes things in life are meant to be questioned like why your girlfriend came back from the grocery store with the brand of paper towel that costs $3 more a roll than the kind you buy. Others aren’t.

You don’t question why you need a custom grill grate with your favorite college team’s logo on it. That’s because instinctually we all know that meat just tastes better when it’s grilled with team pride. Never mind the fact that Matt Yarder, the founder of YM sports grates happens to be from the home town of one of our editors and supports the same college team.

So do yourself a favor, measure your grill and get your hands on one. It’s guaranteed to impress your buddies, not to mention make your whole grilling operation look that much more badass. [via Tailgating Ideas]

Cost: $135+ @ YM Custom Grates

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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