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Wanted: a Laptop Riser That Makes WFH Life Less of a Pain in the Neck

Well, less of a literal pain in the neck.

grovemade laptop riser

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: denim you don't wear, foods you don't eat and more.

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1 Laptop Riser

Hey, you. Are you hunched over your laptop right now? Because I am and my neck is killing me. Grovemade's latest release is a laptop riser that brings your tiny screen closer to eye level when you sit so you're not constantly looking down. And like its other well-made products, the riser looks really good thanks to its walnut construction. Because of its build, you can slip it in to tight spaces — like if you already have a stand for your external monitor. So do yourself, your neck and your overall well-being a favor by getting this thing.

2 Move & Stay Diffuser Bundle
Britney Gill

Vitruvi, one of our favorite essential oil diffuser brands, is looking to be the Sonos of oil diffusers. Its latest releases, the Move and Stay, are designed to help people create scent systems so people can have mood-elevating aromas throughout their home. The Stay ($159) has a 17-hour runtime and can diffuse an area up to 700 square feet, perfect for living rooms or particularly large bedrooms. 

The most interesting release of the bunch is the Move ($179), which as its name implies, is designed to move around. Move is the first-ever rechargeable diffuser that comes with a charging base. It's for those who want to bring aromatherapy to areas that aren't located near an electrical outlet. It has up to 8 hours of battery life and is good for covering up to 400 square feet. Both models are available for pre-order now, and they'll come just in time for the holiday gifting season.

3 Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack
Big G Creativee
Big G Creative

Can you imagine getting this as a gift and thinking someone got you Jell-O, ketchup and mac and cheese as a present? Honestly, some people, myself included, wouldn't mind, but surely this will find its way under the Christmas three this year. The three-pack game pack is made up of  a couple card games and a game of dice. Who knows how the folks at Big G Creative came up with this, but it's pretty cheesy.

4 This Little Goat Went to Tokyo
This Little Goat
This Little Goat

James Beard Award-winning chef, and "Top Chef" winner, Stephanie Izard is helping to bring the flavors of her wildly popular Girl & the Goat restaurant into every home in America. Called This Little Goat, Izard's brand of sauces and spices are inspired by various cuisines around the world. Each is cleverly branded as a place where "This Little Goat" went to, and the sauces can be used in practically anything. For example, its Tokyo-inspired sauce works as the base for a number of dishes as well as being good for just eating over rice. We may not be going anywhere, but at least This Little Goat is, and the goat is taking us with it.

5 Genre Candles
A24 x Joya

If you've cried or audibly gasped at a movie lately, it's probably been an A24 film. The film company is behind movies such as "Uncut Gems" and "Lady Bird" and television shows such as "Ramy" and "Euphoria." A24 has developed a sort of cult following backed by a range of branded merchandise that tout a "if you know, you know" vibe when you wear them out. Its partnering with Joya, a design and fragrance company, seeks to evoke feelings through scents. Walk into one room and step into a sci-fi movie, then head to another and find yourself in a rom-com or western. Honestly, it's a brilliant idea.

6 Denim Towel Bundle

I'm a big fan of denim. Probably not as big of a fan as some diehards on the internet, but enough so where I'd be down to wrap myself in it after a shower. Cultiver's new denim towels are made of recycled denim fibers, so you're not actually drying yourself off with jeans, and they come in a sweet blue shade. Pretty sure the blue won't run like it does when jeans get wet — that would defeat the purpose of even taking a shower.

7 Dried Japanese Fall Harvest Wreath
Creekside Farms

The best part about the fall is it ushers in a string of holiday. Which also means it's time to "deck the halls." I'll start by sprucing up by door with this wreath of dried sorghum grains, eucalyptus leaves and dried lantern plants. I can smell it just from looking at the picture, and it sure smells like fall.

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