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The 25 Best Indoor Plants for Every Kind of Person

New roommates for even the most neglecting people.

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Let’s talk about indoor plants, AKA houseplants. Water them when the soil is dry. Don’t put them in front of air conditioners or heating units. Know how much sun each one wants. There, you’ve got almost everything you need to know.

The truth is, most indoor plants sold at shops or online are extremely easy to keep alive. That’s why those shops sell them. The plants on our list do not run the spectrum of hard-to-keep to invincible because the vast majority of plants sold are not horticultural puzzles. They make your home look and feel better, and they do so without a whole lot of work from you.

Houseplants FAQ

Should I get indoor plants?

You absolutely should. Not only do they add a pop of green (or whatever color) to your home, but they're an instant mood booster and do wonders for your overall well-being. Studies have shown that owning houseplants can reduce psychological and physiological stress, as well as aid in concentration and increase productivity. Plus, houseplants help clean indoor air, so they're like natural air purifiers.

Do I need to repot my houseplant?

Yes! If you buy your plant and it only comes in a grower's pot, you'll want to repot it right away. Otherwise, its roots can become compacted and you'll end up stunting its growth. Even if your plant already comes in a suitable home, you'll want to repot it once in a while to make sure you're giving it ample space to grow — you wouldn't wear the same sized shoe if your foot kept growing, would you?

How do I get rid of gnats in my indoor plants?

Unfortunately, gnats may be a consequence of owning houseplants, but proper care and attention can keep the pests at bay. Gnats are drawn to moist soil, so overwatering your plants can create a breeding ground for gnats to lay their eggs. For immediate, short-term solutions, try out a gnat spray, sticky traps, or diatomaceous earth to deal with the nuisances.

The Best Indoor Plants to Buy Online

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If You Want an Eye-Catcher
Alocasia Polly
For the Color Starved
Stromanthe Triostar
For the Snake Lover
Calathea Rattlesnake
If You Want a Tropical Touch
Dracaena Marginata
The Sill
Now 30% off
To Sit By the Window
Umbrella Tree
If You Want a Cactus
Angel Wing Cactus
For Anyone and Everyone
Pilea Peperomioides
For the Casual Plant Parent
Peperomia Obtusifolia
For the Pet Owner
Majesty Palm
For the Accident-Prone
Urban Stems
If You Want a Fern
Bird’s Nest Fern
The Sill
Now 32% off
If You Want Something Different
Bromeliad Aechmea Pink
For Experienced Plant Parents
Fiddle Leaf Fig
The Sill
Now 44% off
For the Impatient
Marble Queen Pothos
The Sill
Now 30% off
For the Perfect Balance
Money Tree
The Sill
For that Mid-Century Aesthetic
The Sill
If You Want Flowers
Peace Lily
If You Want a Pop of Color
For the Childless and Pet-Less
Pencil Cactus
Urban Stems
If You Want Your First Houseplant
Philodendron Heartleaf
For the Patient
Ponytail Palm
For a Taste of the Desert
Prickly Pear Cactus
For the Plant Killer
Snake Plant
For the Clueless Beginner
ZZ Plant
The Sill
For a Mini Tree
Ficus Audrey
More About Plants
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